“Journey to the Stars” – CLIL di Scienze della Terra in lingua inglese.

Di seguito viene proposta un’attività didattica basata sull’ascolto guidato del video “Journey to the Stars” con Neil DeGrasse Tyson e Whoopi Goldberg. L’attività può essere realizzata nelle classi in cui sono attivi dei percorsi CLIL di Scienze della Terra in lingua inglese.

Journey to the Stars

1. We live on a planet powered by a _____________________.

2. Our galaxy is called the ______________________________.

3. Before any stars formed, there was only an invisible substance called “dark matter”, as well as _________________ and __________________ gas.

4. Once stars run out of fuel, they blow up in giant explosions known as _____________________.

5. Our bodies contain about ___________________________ worth of material created by supernovas 13 billion years ago.

6. Bright stars are bright because they are _______________ and _________________.

7. The most massive stars are colored _______________________.

8. Only ________ % of stars end their lives as supernovas.

9. The outer layers of the Sun’s atmosphere is called the _____________________, and escapes from the Sun as a “solar wind”.

10. Hydrogen smashes together to form Helium in a process called ________________________, which creates the energy that makes a star shine.

11. Earth’s magnetic field protects it from solar wind, creating lights at the poles known as ___________________________.

12. At the ends of their lives, almost all stars will evolve into ______________________________.

13. A Brown Dwarf isn’t massive enough to fuse _____________________ like a full-sized star.

Post-video questions:

14. What will the eventual fate of our Sun be?

15. What kinds of stars might our Sun eventually turn into?

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