CLIL di scienze in lingua inglese: le foglie

Un’attività di completamento di un testo inerente alle foglie. Gli studenti dovranno scegliere le parole da inserire da una lista contenuta alla fine del testo. L’attività può essere proposta nell’ambito di attività CLIL di scienze in lingua inglese nella scuola primaria.

Leaf factories

Leaves help to make _____________ for a plant. They contain a green substance called chlorophyll.

The leaves take in a gas called ________ _________. The roots take in ____________ and other substances are dissolved into it from the

ground. The ____________ changes the water and carbon dioxide into the food that the plant needs. This food is a kind of sugar called ________. Some foods we eat such as rice and potatoes also contain starch.

BUT…… this food can only be made if the plant gets plenty of _________. The _________ inside the plant carries all the food around the plant to keep it healthy and to make it grow. Sap is the oozy liquid you can see when you break the _________ open.

This whole process of making food is called _____________________ While this is happening, the leaves give off a gas called _________

Words to choose from:

oxygen, carbon dioxide, sap, photosynthesis, water, food, light, chloraphyll, stem, starch

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